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The consist of glass

  • Author:kate
  • Source:Sunnyglassware
  • Release Date:2017-12-19
Recently,many customers inquiry about the consist of glass,yes, some buyers curious about some problem,now let's learn more about it.

Actually, the safe problem don't worry,because the glassware had pass FDA test, any glassware have lead,but it's minor,have bo harm to human body, that's leed free. 

The main material of the glass is silica, the ordinary glass is calcium silicon glass, and the good is the high boron silicon, which is the so-called hard glass.
Ordinary wide mouth glass is calcium silicate glass. Here is a reminder that the lead content we usually worry about is that here, because calcium silicate glass is cheap, the production cost is low, and the lead content is not effectively controlled.
The advanced glass is high boron silicon, high borosilicate almost free of lead, and the process is particularly complex, so it is much more expensive.

More professional question,we will let sales consultant Kate to solve for you: