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Copyright Notice

Copyright complaint

Shenzhen Sunny Glassware Co., Ltd. is a world-renowned supplier in glassware and ceramic products industry, we provide a full range of high quality services to customers for more than 80 countries around the world. The purpose of posting the images of our products, business processes and application scenarios in this website is to provide a better interaction space with our customers. We do not have sufficient monitoring ability for the copyright of images. If you think that the image information we uploaded violates your relevant rights, please send a notice of rights to us. After receiving the mail, our relevant staff will follow up as soon as possible. Sunny Glassware will take measures to delete relevant image content in accordance with relevant laws and regulations. Please understand the inconvenience caused.

Appeal notice
The complainant should provide the following documents:
1. Your full name, contact information, address, scanned copy of the ID card (natural person), business license (organization) of the legal person, and the identity certificate (organization) of the legal representative.
2. The relevant title and link that you request to delete or disconnect, so that Sunny Glassware can discover and initially review the allegedly infringing images.
3. The preliminary proof materials that constitute the infringement, including but not limited to the ownership certificate for the copyright of the images or the right to disseminate the information network according to law, and the evidence of the infringement of the alleged infringing images.
4. The notice must be signed by the right holder or its legally authorized person. If it is an organization, it must be stamped with the official seal of the organization.
5. The right holder shall be responsible for the authenticity of the notice. If the content of the notice is not true, the right holder will bear all legal liabilities arising therefrom.

Upon receipt of notice that meets the above requirements, we will remove the allegedly infringing image information within a reasonable time. If the above conditions are not met, we will ask you to supplement the information and do not take corresponding measures including deletion.

Copyright Protection

Shenzhen Sunny Glassware Co., Ltd. own a professional products design team. We had applied the appearance patents for some products, and some of them were licensed to some VIP customers. The images displayed on this website are taken by our professional photographers. They are copyrighted  by Sunny Glassware. Any unauthorized reprinting will be regarded as an infringement. We will pursue legal responsibility in accordance with relevant laws.

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