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Sunny Glassware iridescent candle holder

  • Author:Candice
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release Date:2019-03-08
Sunny glassware has always been a warm, comfortable feeling for every candle lighted person in the world with its luxury-like design and quality.

Sunny glassware has been engaged in the candles holder industry for more than 20 years. The development of the candle holder industry is becoming more and more refined, it means that it more and more company will join in this industry,but The competition is getting more And more fierce, and the inferior and rough finished products are endless. For example, the iridescent candle holder has achieved the colorful effect by using the ion plating process. This can quickly capture the eyes of the guests, and has a distinct personality, but With the price war. The ups and downs of various factories have resulted in products that have caused many customers to lose their original flaws in this product. There are various bottom-line price wars in the industry, plagiarism and counterfeiting of various excellent designs. Let the quality problems of this industry emerge endlessly.

Our Sunny glassware always devoted in the design and quality with highest standard, Because we believe in quality and design, it is the soul of a brand. Protecting the design of our guests is the basis for our customers' trust and the bottom line of our Sunny Glassware. Our Sunny Glassware has always shouldered the mission of designing and producing luxury products that focus on aromatherapy products. Our designers have designed and presented a luxury candle holder through the observation and understanding of thousands of things around the world, as well as the The fashion trend, combined with the design, launched the candle holder, which was selected by the world famous candles holder brand and became an important bridge connecting with the world candle holder brand. Every design, display the most perfect, Has always been quality, our quality, is the strict quality control of the AQL standard, and even more than 6 inspection procedures, and strive for quality and Design and perfect combination, just our sunny glassware Always mission.

As a candlestick company with more than 5,000 molds, we produce iridescent candle holders. This type of machine, capacity, and the processing effect of this iridescent, our craftsmanship has matured to suit all types and sizes, and the most models are cylindrical 8oz 10oz 12oz cups.

Our sunny glassware has taken over an iridescent candle holder project. The guests took samples in 3 factories and placed orders at one of the factories. As a result, the time of the big goods was found to be obvious, for the bulk of the goods The quality is unacceptable to us, and it has seriously affected the sales of the guests. Later, through the introduction of other guests, we found our sunny glassware. We passed the prenatal meeting with the factory technology team and perfectly avoided this spot problem I took back the lost sales for the guests, because we have always insisted on the emotional appeals that accompany our customers' lives and deaths and helped our guests to start from scratch and achieve the vision of domestic brands.
Sunny Glassware iridescent candle holder Sunny Glassware iridescent candle holder
Sunny Glassware iridescent candle holder