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No brother, no basketball

  • Author:Candice
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release Date:2018-11-24
Today, Meiyang Company participated in the basketball competition of the industry association. The opponent is very strong, but we have been insisting on doing our own, weekly practice and exercise, defending every ball in the game and letting the opponent know our defensive offensive ability. Strive to fight for every rebound and leave the sweat of the effort on the court. Although the result is still unsatisfactory, we know that we have defeated ourselves and persisted to the last second. Such a face is deeply deep in our minds. Here, at this time, remind me of my idol, Kobe Bryant, from primary school to now, and even later, will deeply affect my male god. His miracle in the basketball world has made countless people move.

With 35 injuries, in the 28×15 field, you exchanged 25 medals for 20 years. For one faith, you are accompanied by the sun rising in Los Angeles at 4 o'clock in the morning. The picturesque turn Backward, 13 cm above the basket, the high light that can't be erased by your long career. The replay of 1/4 of the speed is reserved for people who are arrogant on the 8th and unstoppable on the 24th. Zijin Blood is flowing, Staples is so bright because of you.
If you don't love me, hate me. You always have to choose one of them. You hate my game and hate my arrogance. You hate my back jumper and hate my strong desire for the game. You hate me for being experienced and hate me for winning the championship. Please hate me, hate me from the bottom of your heart. Many people love me when you hate me, and the reasons are the same.