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Ion plating glass candle holder

  • Author:Jolee
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release Date:2018-07-20
Ion plating glass candle holder 

Sunny Glassware's strength is doing many kinds of decoration like lacquer painting, decal printing, electroplating, frost, laser, etc to make candle holders luxury and elegant. Here Iwould like to introduce Ion Plating. Ion plating is a version of vacuum deposition. It is a processing, under vacuum conditions, by using the gas discharge to make gas or evaporate material ionize, and under the bombardment of gas ions or vaporized matter ions to deposit the vaporized material or its reactants on the substrate.

By applying ion plating on glass candle holders, they will present various colors and effects. The followings are some of our candle holder with ion plating finish. 
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