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Hainan wonderful trip

  • Author:kate
  • Source:sunnyglassware
  • Release Date:2018-04-17
"Hainan" which literally means "South of the Sea", is a province off the southern coast of China in the South China Sea, which consists of several islands, the largest of which is Hainan Island. It is separated from the mainland China by a narrow strait. It is not only the southernmost province in all of China, but also, with an area of roughly 13,200 square miles, it is the smallest. Its capital city is Haikou, which is located on the northern coast of the island.

The land of Hainan province is made up of vast coastline with natural harbors on the outside, and hills, valleys and mountains filled with rivers and streams on the interior. The climate of the province is extremely tropical. At times during the rainy season, temperatures reach the 80's and are accompanied by heavy downpours. Hainan is extremely prone to typhoons, which generally cause severe flooding. The island is covered with red soil and dense tropical rain forest. The lower elevated areas produce rice three times a year.

Our company went to Hainan for a wonderful trip,we really have a great fun,The sun,the sand,and the wind,all of it are sweet and romatic. Hope you will have chance to China, for a good trip.


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