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Extortion virus spread all over the world

  • Author:Kate
  • Source:Sunnyglassware
  • Release Date:2017-05-16
Overseas network May 15 from May 12th, the global outbreak of Windows based network 

sharing agreement Worm malicious code that attacks spread. More than 100 countries

 including the United States, Russia and the whole of europe, And China's internal network of universities, 

large enterprises, intranet and government agencies, private network caught The spread of extortion software

 is relatively rare in recent years, once again sounded a wake-up call for people. 

The rapid development of information technology, such as the internet, While bringing great benefits to people,

 it also brings unprecedented challenges to network security. The person in charge suggested that, 

All aspects should attach great importance to network security issues, Install security protection software in time, 

update the operating system and security patches of various applications in time, Set up high security passwords and 

replace them regularly. 

Do not download and install applications that are not in the background, Take backup measures to particularly important data.

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