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Earthy works of art

  • Author:Candice
  • Source:Sunny glassware
  • Release Date:2018-11-12
Nature is the most beautiful scenery, combined with the wisdom of our human beings, it has created thousands of works of art, adding a different taste of life for our good life.

In recent years, ceramics have become more and more popular and become the mainstream of many artworks. Our company has been continuously advancing on the road of art, designing and launching more and more high-quality candlestick products.
Hope to give consumers a better life.

The ceramic candlestick below combines nature's resources with brightly mixed colors to create this quality product:

Top dia: 151mm
Bottom dia: 80mm
Height: 80mm
Weight: 370mm
Capacity: 373g
Earthy works of art
Earthy works of art
Earthy works of art