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Changed the design of the glass candle holder, the cracks disappeared, Sunny Glassware eliminated th

  • Author:Demi
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release Date:2023-09-27

Hellen is the purchaser of a Singapore company, and has been purchasing glass candle holders from Sunny Glassware for several years. In the second half of last year, Hellen emailed that he would be the general manager of the Hangzhou branch in a month, and visited Sunny Glassware . Hellen has been doing procurement for 5 or 6 years, and this promotion must have made a contribution. Some time ago, their company placed an order for a batch of glass candle holders, and found cracks during testing. Their designers thought that there was a problem with the formation of nodules in the glass candle holders, but it was normal when tested alone. The designer was at a loss, and the boss was also very anxious, so he asked Hellen to consult with a glass candle holder manufacturer.

This glass candle holder is produced in a local factory in Singapore. After on-site analysis by the master of the original factory, it is believed that the cracks are due to the presence of inhomogeneous, high-viscosity, and high-surface-tension glass bottles in the glass liquid formed during the blowing process of the glass candle holder. Changing the inhomogeneity in the glass solved it. After 20 days, according to this plan, there were indeed no cracks, and the boss was very happy and promoted him. However, after calculating the cost, it was found that the cost had increased by 20%. Obviously, this solution is not optimal, so Hellen wondered if there is any other solution, so he contacted Sunny Glassware. Sunny Glassware received the design drawings of their glass candle holder, and the masters of Sunny Glassware Factory began to analyze them.

Three days later, the plan of Sunny Glassware Candle Holder came out, which was to extract the sundries of glass in the glass candle holder. This new design will not increase the production cost of the glass candle holder, that is, the zero cost solves the vibration. Hellen was a little unbelievable, so Sunny Glassware made a sample immediately. A week later, Sunny Glassware sent the glass candle holder. After debugging, there are also no cracks, but 0 cost. The boss of Hellen was happy to save 20% of the cost, and asked Hellen to send any inquiry for glass candle holders to Sunny Glassware as soon as possible.

Hellen told privately that the boss is very satisfied that he solved the problem with 0 cost, and he deserved the position of general manager of the Hangzhou branch, and he is working harder and harder.

Sunny Glassware has a history of 20 years in glass products. It gives priority to solving problems at zero cost. You can also try a small order!

Changed the design of the glass candle holder, the cracks disappeared, Sunny Glassware eliminated the canadian factory at zero cost