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Borosilicate glass wholesale

  • Author:Kate
  • Source:sunnyglassware
  • Release Date:2017-10-17
 The borosilicate glass is our popular product,MOQ: up to 500,1000,2000pcs.
 Borosilicate glass has a very low coefficient of thermal expansion,which is about 1/3 of the ordinary glass. Therefore, it has stronger fracture resistance,it lower than ordinary glass, also can still be broken due to rapid or uneven temperature changes. When broken,its cracks tend to be larger rather than crushed.
High boron silicon glass used in electrical equipment ,heat-resistant glass, such as microwave oven, microwave oven turntable special glass lampshade,
glass teapot teacup, solar collector etc..
PYREX glass in borosilicate glass. Acid, alkali and water resistance, excellent corrosion resistance,
good thermal stability, chemical stability and electrical properties, it has the characteristics of
chemical resistance, thermal shock resistance, good mechanical properties, high temperature
and other characteristics.

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