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Air dyeing glass candle holder

  • Author:Stephanie
  • Source:Sunnyglassware
  • Release Date:2018-09-15
Air dyeing process: firstly, disperse dyes are modulated into printing ink, and the ink is designed according to the pattern Printed on paper is required to have printed paper map, the map to disperse dye dyeing paper coated on the surface to be printed on the goods.

It is characterized in that:

(1). The object to be printed is coated with high temperature in Figure 400 to 630 DEG C. The paper produced by the anaerobic exhaust heat in the moment of baking, In order to make the paper part be carbonized;

(2) when the instantaneous high temperature baking treatment, its temperature is higher than the disperse dye sublimation temperature, the temperature is 180 degrees centigrade, The formation of disperse dyes on dyeing paper printed on the graph pattern, surface can produce gasification sublimation and attached to the processed goods; 

(3). Disperse dyes on dyeing paper coalgasification in figure, the paper part is due to the high temperature anaerobic hot exhaust gas carbonization, and disperse dye, Before the carbonization of the paper, it is completely gasified and transferred to the surface of the machined product; 

(4) the high heat produced on the surface of the machined surface, The thermal expansion of the material will cause the mobility of each molecular chain to become larger, and the disperse dye which condenses on the surface of the processing material will strengthen its vapor pressure again The printing process of finished products can be finished by permeating and diffusing to the inside of the printed matter and firmly printing and dyeing.

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