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How you greet for the New Year?

  • Author:Lydia
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release Date:2016-01-27
In order to welcome the New Year of 2016 is coming, people will choose different ways to greet the New Year.
Such as stay at home and watching the evening party on TV. This is a good choice of greeting the New Year, one aspect, people don't like crowded, on the other aspect, it's not very safety to appear among so many people. Of course, many people will choose go outside, such as some scenic spots to watching the firework party, maybe this way more suitable among friends.
This year I choose the last one. My friend with me come to the "The window of the world". Some thing made us feel very pity, one thing, we can't go to the center of the showing spot, so we hadn't seen the show; other thing, the firework was cancel temporary. But, it's very luckily I can walk on the garden with my friend, and very surprized we come to the Pyramd, it's very scaring but exciting.
The times always very happy whenever or wherever with our friends or families.
How you greet for the New Year?
How you greet for the New Year?