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A group of foodie from Sunny Glassware

  • Author:Lydia
  • Source:Sunny Glassware
  • Release Date:2016-01-25
Eating, is very important thing of our life, a good and enjoying eating depends on the taste, place, people etc.

People become more and more like to enjoy life, not only eating, but also select the material of the foods and who company with, where to eat.

For hungry people, the don't thinking about the place, people, material, they only need foods to fill their tummy. For lovers, they may select a romantic restaurant, coffee shop, they may not thing of the foods material. For friends, they may just think about the people who company with.

Of course, the mood may also effect tastes. 

Here, look at we Sunny Glassware family members, it looks so delicious.
It's our designer Roy's masterwork, the beef soup he done!
A group of foodie from Sunny Glassware