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The benefits of drinking red wine

  • Author:Yvonne
  • Release Date:2015-12-25
Almost everyone knows the benefits of red wine have a lot to us, now, we share some of the knowledge.

1, to promote sleep: a half before going to bed to drink around 50 ml wine hour, can play a regulating sleep cycles, the role of the treatment of insomnia.

2, to reduce the disease incedence: grape skins contain resveratrol hundreds feed mill, is the best anti-cancer properties, and almost all kinds of wine, resveratrol in red wine, which can inactivate the tumor The content of the highest ability, so red wine is best goods actively prevent cancer.

3, beauty: red wine with alcohol content wuper and antioxidant SOD, and can neutralize free radicals produced by the body, it can protect cells and organs from oxidative, skin witening and shiny.

4, to improve blood circulation: there in red wine tannins, tannin can tighten sagging skin, and can promote blood circulation.

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