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Desire to have a glass of wine

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-03-06
    Have you ever thought about having aGlass of wineDesire? Kind of crystal, crystal clear anyway get addictive. SetRed wine, A set ofChampagne, A set ofCup white wine, A set ofLiquor(Whiskey) glass. Due to only have them, so you can enjoy every ray of competence of very hot wine.
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    Wine glass shape decisions flow plus product strength of wine flavor, wine glass shape, capacity, diameter, blown glass edge processing cup plus the thickness of the crystal, the decision of the first touch point when wine imports . When the glass facing the lips, the taste buds from full-alert, when the flow of wine to be taught to properly taste sensing area, but also generate a variety of distinguished taste. And when the wine comes from touching the tongue, the right to be released will be three kinds of messages that then: heat, texture and flavor of the wine ......
    Glasses placed on the table also has a special attention. From left to right, the maximum number of cups (cups) in the far left, the minimum number of cups (cup white wine) at the far right. To most Westerners favorite wine was still a pure crystal-clear glass. Only difference between each cup and the cup body shape, wall thickness difference cups, floral and distinguish the difference between family planning crystal cup seems represents a bright mood. When a little drunk, tipsy happily swirling in the cup, not to mention the goods, even playing alone quietly put it in the seats in front of the guests, already a stunningly beautiful.