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With a glass of tea is not the same enjoyment

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-03-05
"Chinese traditional ceramic cup with tea, but if you useGlassTea will make you feel ...... not the same people any observation tea inGlassSlowly stretch, swimming, changing the process, they call it "tea dance." Green tea a one fall, pure, transparent water also turns green, then turned brown, a wisp of smoke slowly on, smelling the fragrance of the tea ......
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Of course, a certain quality of tea is better: usually use clean mineral water can also be used after purification of tap water. Water is neutral or slightly acidic pH, do not use alkaline water, avoid darker tea. Hot water can be the beginning of boiling, so bubbles out of the tea Xianshuang better.
Tea water temperature: Requires about 80 ℃ most appropriate, because chlorophyll quality green tea at high temperature easily damaged yellowing, while tea polyphenols substances will be oxidized at high temperatures to make tea soon become Huang, many aromatic substances at high temperatures evaporate quickly dissipated, making tea to lose flavor.
The proportion of tea and water to be appropriate: Normally tea water ratio of 1:50 to 1: 60 (ie, 1 g of tea water 50 ml to 60 ml) is appropriate, such brewed tea shades moderate, taste fresh, dense.
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