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2015 Glass Art Exhibition in Israel

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-02-28
 2015 IsraelGlass CraftsHometown museum exhibition held in Israel, the exhibition brings together a number of previous occasions Israeli artists exhibiting together, there are many new artists as well as local township artists working in different scenes work.
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Hometown Museum in Israel in 2015 is being held in Israeli glass crafts exhibition, 62 exhibits are selected from the previous four years in Israeli artists in the township. This is the third such exhibition was held at the home of the museum, the first two were in 2007 and 2011. The exhibition aims to overview the appearance of Israel Hongo glass crafts and glass manufacturing latest status of present Art of expression. The exhibition will run until June 20.
  Exhibits in the hall from the concrete to the general, from the subtle objects to large-scale sculpture, hanging from the walls and ceiling and then placed in the ground. Exhibits show the origins of an array of ideas, ways of thinking and artistic approach. Glass Crafts Exhibition curator Henrietta Eliezer Bruner said: "These glass crafts exhibition in analogy with the aesthetics and to express many topics, from the concrete to the general, from illusion to reality, from one's self pay attention to the coexistence between people and expectations, since a narrative to criticism from a wide range of social and political issues. We also want to tell the Israeli public can express what glass crafts, we can use a glass to Zuosa. "