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2015 development trend of Chinese glass products

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-02-13
It is reported that China's central economic conference recently indicating economic development five goals, while next year before finally ending the five-year, issued under the central three ministries, the NDRC, the Ministry of Finance of the key materials upgrading project implementation plan, involving four , the new generation of information technology, marine engineering equipment, industrial furnace energy saving, advanced rail transportation equipment in urgent need to develop 20 kinds of material bound is the top priority during the five thirteen. Which is directly related toChina Glass SuppliersAspects of an indirect four much, it also givesChina glass industryDevelopment of a clear direction to determine the adjustment of industrial structure, the transfer of the goal.
First, we must strengthen the optimization and upgrading of traditional glass products, mainly in the Chinese flat glass soda - calcium - silica glass production mainly to study in the future to develop new component glass products, aluminum - silicon ultra-hardness of the glass, boron - silicon fire glass, phosphorus - Silicon biological glass, ultra-thin, ultra-white, thick glass.
Strengthening routine precision of glass deep-processing products, and full of advanced equipment. Focus on resolving the steel thin glass, coated glass, steel, and actively develop innovative new materials laminated glass intermediate strengthen vacuum glass, hollow glass. Silk screen glass, embossed glass, sand glass, hot melt glass bending process management and the development of innovative new products.
Focused on the development of new functional glass to make it better applied to high-tech fields, solve product structure unscientific pattern.
In addition, the upgraded version of the real estate construction, energy saving, environment, transportation, health care industry needs new features glass. The new green building next to the main real estate, based on energy conservation, low-carbon environment, green ecology, safety and health as the goal. Such as; three silver low-emissivity coated glass Low-e glass, self-cleaning - Low-t glass insulated glass, solar control glass, vacuum glass, air purification glass, self-cleaning glass, etc. will be very good in green building, passive house construction play a significant role.
In addition, the terms of the need to use the new features of renewable energy glass, which will also become one of the direction of adjustment. Such as the use of low-temperature solar energy, solar temperature power generation, photovoltaic power generation, regardless of polycrystalline silicon cells or thin-film cells, dye-sensitized cells to be used in the new features of glass, such as; AR anti-reflective glass AR glass, stain glass and ITO glass AF , FTO, AZO, ATO conductive glass.
Second is a new feature glass electronic communications, electronic display areas needed. Such as; glare + antibacterial 3A + antireflection touch screen glass, industrial CT glass. Germanium, silicon-oxide-semiconductor glass. LCD glass TFT glass, PDP glass, a plasma display glass and quantum dot display glass. Military, communications, anti-electromagnetic radiation pollution will also promote the development of the new features of the glass.
All in all, the future of glass to nano, composite, integrated, intelligent direction. Give full play to the small size of the function, surfactants, macro-tunnel effect nm. Organic polymer composite and glass surface, multi-material fixed in between the glass surface and the integrated, intelligent control passive to the active development of intelligent control. Cater to the industrial development process 4.0 times.
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This requires that we define the direction of big government macro adjustment, make full use of trade associations platform. Increase business between companies and universities, research institutes, close cooperation and accelerate the industrialization process of high-tech products. Increase the basic science, cross-promotion and application of scientific research on the glass. Ensure the industrial nature of the course design, technology, equipment, equipment, management and optimization of the system. Strengthening global technical cooperation, earnestly learn from the advanced countries of advanced technology, innovation out with its own characteristics, the market potential of the product. Lay the foundation for a new round of upgrading and development of the glass industry.
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