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Pre-dinner aperitif cup

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-02-12
   The word comes from the Latin aperitif "Aperare" A lot of people trust it was born in the Middle Ages, because, according to historical records, when people loved before a meal withGlassTaste some wine or spiced wine, which most current aperitif and modulation approach is very close. But it was also true that it would have been as early as during the Roman presents, because at that time was now on the table is often sweet, and some plants are recognized as having opened the effectiveness of appetite, so many winemakers are manufactured named "appetite" beverage. But its performance is more healing effect for Suri drinking, rather than a pre-dinner aperitif drinks.
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Aperitif wines tend to be involved in some gentle taste of some plant material used to increase the taste of wine, and then play the appetizer effect. Because extra plant extracts can affect the excretion of saliva and gastric juice, and helps in the formation of gastric pepsin. Developed later, increasing the initial material selection becomes more widespread, the wine base has become a wine and spirits. We think about this hot taste throat open, it tastes flat or to receive a variety of hot food. Just an aperitif in a variety of pre-appetizer effect, has become a "thought the effect."
Aperitif select different regions vary in France, for example, the old gentleman's favorite pre-dinner drink in the sweet port wine, ouzo. Especially in the southern region of France, to the dinner time, the bar man a glass of ouzo we almost everyone. This kind of sweetness and aroma of anise drinks really soft and imports, but the foundation can not be called refreshing thirst, not to mention the effectiveness of the appetizers. In Spain, the aperitif of choice are mainly in spirits, such as sherry. Skinny hot taste, fruity task will have to increase to the cask, a cup of it, you will be extremely keen to taste with eating way mitigate its impact. Of course, in the summer, they will choose to taste more refreshing aperitif.