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Aperitif wine selection

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-02-11
Pour champagneGoblet;
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Used to drink whiskeyTumblerThe same applies to gin, vodka and other spirits;
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If it is a cocktail, then have readyCocktail glasses;
With special glasses to drink red wine, usually the first aperitif on the table;
French pastis, tomato juice with fruit juice cup.
Appetizer spirits wine list
Dinner guests, then there will be a half-hour before the formal dining cocktail appetizer time is a good time to communicate feelings. Ice is not necessarily an aperitif in missing some natural should prepare us better off prior to arrival.
1. Feinai rely Blanca wine
This wine was born in 1845, the trick is long cellaring, and increased natural herbs. In addition to direct consumption, add carbonated water, coffee, pure water can be.
2. Angostura Bitters
It is South America's democratic hero Bolivar invention private doctors involved in bitter but the effectiveness of various features Ganliang roots, herbs, fruit, there is more than an appetizer of detoxification in the wine.
3. Dry Martini vermouth
Martini is a cocktail of the most common base wine, taste pure, after participating in absinthe and small ice cubes, appetizers full effect. And we can deploy up to a lot of complex flavors.
4. Rosso vermouth taste
White wine as the materials involved in sugar, cumin, cloves, drink before meals can eliminate fatigue, increased appetite. And according to the proportion of ingredients is not the same, it will be a delicate taste changes.
How to become an expert aperitif
1. aperitif time to master 30 minutes before a meal dominate, like a small forum, too long to brief hungry guests.
2. To grasp the tasting: see color, rotor smelling, sipping, people think you're really familiar with this road.
3. Temperature control between 14 to 18 degrees Celsius, which is planning the optimal temperature for drinking wine.
4. aperitif open to talking, and guests chat about everyday matters, like, after all natural may agree to meet the next good opportunity.
Appetizer drinking spirits
1. Net drink
First three small ice into cocktail cup, then poured into 42 ml aperitif, with a bar spoon stir 30 seconds dominated the ice with a filter to filter out the ice, then pour wine cocktail cup, and plug a lemon.
2. Drinking ice
To participate in flat-bottomed cup half cup of ice, then pour the aperitif to the appropriate flat cup, then stir bar spoon for 10 seconds, after participating in a slice of lemon.
3. mixed drinks
Aperitif can and soft drinks, juices and other beverages mixed drink. Campari soda to wine + as an example: the first cup in Colin added half a cup of ice and a lemon, then the amount of wine into the cup Kimberley 42ml, 68ml participate soda, after stirring for 5 with a bar spoon seconds.
To grasp the tasting: see color, rotor smelling, sipping, people think you're really familiar with this road.