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The difference between glass and jade

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-02-10
Feeder: refers pigmentedGlass materialUtensils or handicrafts made of, on the one hand, the process well, sui generis feeders, have some collectible value. But the industry is limited and nephrite, refers to imitate glass raw material and nephrite to posing and nephrite profit. Once upon a time, just into the feeder has caused many of the world and nephrite jade lovers suffered a lot of losses. Relative to other imitators and nephrite, the glass feeders and nephrite is relatively easy to distinguish. Now we come to look at the glass a little fake and nephrite and Wada Yuzhen product identification techniques:
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1, and nephrite large density ratio feeders:Glass ProductsThe density. Therefore, the same volume is greater than the weight of glass and nephrite, and nephrite really get up and hand feeling of pressure, while the glass feeder products are ethereal feeling.
2, and nephrite hardness greater than the feeder, you can characterize glass: small glass feeder hardness. Thus, glass feeder plan. Hetian can draw really scratch the glass surface. And because of the hardness of the glass feeder products so we can not draw quite scratch the glass surface, or suffer.
3, under a magnifying glass and nephrite more internal Marble: Marble glass feeder no natural products, was able to see signs of bubbles or melt flow, these bubbles are in the manufacturing process of melting glass feeder into the air during solidification caused . If there are air bubbles then it can be concluded that the glass products.