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Reorganization and direction of glass bottles

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-02-09
   NumerousGlass products supplierMerger and reorganization began to improveGlass containersConcentration of industry, in order to optimize the allocation of resources, improve economies of scale and reduce the disorderly competition, the ability to enhance the development, which has become the trend of the current world of glass packaging industry.
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As an industry indispensable to the packaging material,BottlesPackaging has also ushered in a broader market. Meanwhile, with the increasingly diverse needs of the people, but also for the packaging market has put forward higher requirements. And if the "high end atmosphere on the grade" to describe a package, then use the glass body apparently very appropriate. From mineral water to drink and then to cosmetics, in general, high-end level of product, will give priority to class glass containers.
For glass bottles, the most pressing is to achieve a breakthrough in the market, but the key problem lies in achieving weight loss and weight of glass bottles, glass bottles mainly because generally too heavy, requires a lot of glass packaging materials . In Europe and other developed countries, light Container Glass flask is the dominant product.
For some there are no special requirements for glass bottles, glass bottles, such as ordinary food, dried fruit packaging weight of these bottles is necessary. Because weight loss can not only reduce costs, but also to make it easier for consumers to carry. Of course, there are many glass bottles are not suitable for weight loss. For example, sparkling wine known as Champagne, this cocktail party with great pressure. If champagne bottles weight loss, it is difficult to grasp the glass wall thickness. Thus champagne bottle easily during transport or break during use, thus losing weight champagne bottle significance. Therefore, we must support the glass weight loss, but also according to the specific circumstances of a specific analysis.