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Advantages and select bottle packaging

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-02-06
Bottle packaging materials mainly plastic,GlassThree metal materials. But have you ever thought,Chinese glass products supplierTell you what kind of use the most? Which one of the most suitable of the most secure.
Plastic, using up to 80% share
Advantages: can be changed high, the size of the standard variety, shape, color, transparency, and nowhere Ming can do. Light weight, easy to transport, printing of outstanding recyclability.
Defects: no heat, not light barrier properties, solvent resistance Qianan (especially fats and oils). So, the first plastic container presents a bottleneck can not be high-temperature steam sterilization, can not wash with water, sterilization can not be illuminated. In addition, consider the security of the content, and some type of liquid, is not appropriate in a plastic container.
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The safest materials - glass, using the share, followed by 8%
Advantages: heat, light, solvent resistance, and certainly win. The darker, more conducive to anti-oxidation, anti-aging skin care products retain whitening effectiveness, due to the high activity of these ingredients, easy affected by light. So, unless it is the quality of low-quality glass, skin care products are the most suitable home to live in a glass container.
Defects: In addition to the fragile, can not think of the other.