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Chic House candlestick shape spice of life

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-02-03
  Today, more people to the pointCandleAs a life touching, beautifully decorated candlesticks become a highlight of the family, and in those with a particularly significant anniversary, the candlestick brought home gave Reiki exceptionally lively and air, so your idea of ​​romance is show was hearty.
    "Stars, is hanging in the sky tears
    Tears are falling in the world of the stars
    Candlelight is fire on the breeze of love
    Love is the pay day candle "
    Black Chinese CharacteristicsCandlestickRefined about, stylish, suitable antique decoration, but also the distribution of modern features tastefully decorated properties.
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    Vintage metal materials candlesticks, giving a rusty surface old, weathered many storms feelings, coupled with simple lampshade periphery animal prints, fine about not simple.
    Bright color glass candlestick, lantern shape, peripheral small metal accessories, beautiful and assertive.
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    White Birdcage Candlestick, dull square appearance, coupled with flower decoration, stiff and vivid.
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    Double transparent glass candlestick, the general appearance of the jar, deep reverberates.
    Not the same space & nbsp; is not the same as Candlestick
    Candlestick time position in the modern home life is mainly decorative function, but not the same household characteristics of how to pick their assigned candlesticks and candelabra placed ground is also very elegant.
    Bedroom: The bedroom is a private and romantic local, cf suitable wall hanging or desktop candlesticks, especially romantic appearance, hazy soft candlelight, the bedroom sweet romantic air to the limit, the point of the romantic spark of life .
    Restaurant: wine, candlelight, dinner ...... romantic meal air inseparable candlestick decorate, put on the table the most suitable pair looks extra "couple" candlestick, or modern or retro equally romantic.
    Study: Study of the candlestick should overflowing artistic sense and a sense of quality, lit candles, beating the fire, the faint aroma of warm den of cool personality, bring a fair lady's feelings.