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Using glass products to create brilliant dinner

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-02-02
  Food is not only the needs of carefully selected ingredients, uniquely shapedWobbleAlso needs to dress stylish tableware. The reason that food is a two outcomes taste and visual, beautiful tableware will bring a natural food boast Jiao mood. Wine is no exception, candlelight dinner companion and ultimately, wine, natural and ultimately beautifulWineTo contrast.
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  Tall champagne glassIs not revealing an elegant luxury, meticulously by hand blown glass products, with one piece of perfect lines, carved cup body can reflect a perfect color and flavor of the original wine, with the most original natural elegant style.
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  Minimalist planningCupAlso the quality of the selection of glass, gradient colors plus thin handle, take just a direct picked up a whole weight of the water in his hands. Lubrication feel and moderation of the curve so that minimalism is also very close to the humane planning, and feel comfortable without publicity.
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