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Chinese suppliers of glass products often need to remind everyone to drink a glass wash

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-01-29
   Chinese glass products supplierTo remind you not only with healthy drinking water quality, but also with a great cup related. In all materials cup,GlassIs the most healthy and safe. Inorganic silicate glass is sintered, not rich machine chemicals, therefore, when we useGlassDrink plenty of water or other drinks after midnight, do not worry about chemical substances will be going into the stomach to drink, and the glass surface lubrication, simple to clean, bacteria and grime in the vessel wall is not simple reproduction.
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When buying glasses, the best selection of brightly lit, and carefully choose the color. There are no markings on the outer wall of the relationship, not just the inner wall of glass. Glass does not offer the higher the better, moderate pricing, affixed with a standard factory trademark and national qualifying mark some view is preferred. Cold winter season, if it is commonly used glass, can be "early evening with a clean" or "Early the next morning with a clean."
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However, there are some materials are not suitable for the use of the cup. Colorful ceramic cups, those colorful paint actually immeasurable hidden dangers, especially wall coated with glaze, when poured into a cup of boiling water and perhaps acid at high alkaline drinks, Yan guess these toxic heavy metals such as lead on briefly dissolved in a liquid, the body will constitute harm.
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Plastic guess there is often an increase plasticizers, rich during some toxic chemicals, with a plastic cup of hot water or boiling water after midnight, toxic chemicals into the water is very simple dilution, and the internal microstructure of plastic has many pores , during which hides dirt, clean without a net growth of bacteria will be simple, plastic cups can not be prolonged use.