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Glass candle holder candlelight dinner to create different

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-01-23
   Artless good atmosphere cozy dinner inseparable accessories, tableware, lighting, home decor overall integration and reunification can bring the most stunning visual environment and the most pleasant taste. Brilliant warm winter meal candlelight dinner with my family a couple, good tableware and furniture can bring to the table a different mood.
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   Dining table mood: choose a beautiful candlesticks
Candlelight dinners natural and ultimately as the protagonist of "candles", since it refers to the natural and ultimately candleCandlestickFigure. Refraction of the glass has a good, better able to highlight the texture and the dim candle itself, bring their own soft candle light.

   Candlestick on the table can be divided into two types, one is on the table, while the other is able to hang above the table. The easiest wind hanging candelabra, with smaller candles lit in the head like little stars, dim lit restaurant.

   Gold is a low-key luxury of color, when a variety of chic and elegant candle into animal shapes among the table also added some mysterious elegance. Small scented candles small footprint desktop position, and there is no over-exaggerated, the smaller the selection table.
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   Tall candlesticksWe also look up a class, in addition to modeling gorgeous atmospheric branch type candlestick, simple glass candlestick small feet or more suitable with a simple decoration and simple dinner, neither exaggerated, and elegant right.