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Glass craft and treatment of secondary products

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-01-22
Glass deep processing of secondary products that glass, it is the use ofGlass of white materialAs the basic raw material, according to requirements, the use of glass products have a particular function made of a different process. Glass products in terms of the relative time,China Glass SuppliersMainly in the following process:
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Glass surface treatment of glass surface treatment consists of two aspects: one is rich glass surface, namely the use of physical or chemical methods produce different patterns and designs on the glass surface; the other is coated on the glass surface treatment.
Polished glass: Before produce float glass, glass needs some polishing to achieve both the surface was completely parallel purposes. Glass is polished with emery, silica sand and other abrasive surfaces of both ordinary glass or rolled glass is polished to make it smooth later, and then Pink, tin oxide, and felt polishing.
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Stained Glass: Stained-glass painting, also known as glass, is an available color art translucent material for doors and windows. Usually with a special glaze on the glass after drawing graphics made after grilling, or baked on the glass decals, a bit like ceramic production methods.

Sandblasted glass, and etched glass: is 4-7kg / Cm2 emery and other high pressure air will be blown to the glass surface of the microparticles, the surface of the glass sand marks, it can be carved etching out the lines, text, and a variety of patterns, without machining parts of rubber, paper materials as a protective film to cover up. If sandblasted glass (all sand) on the basis of further sintering pickling, you'll get rough surface etched glass, also known as Ice glass.
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 Colored glazed glass: Color glazed glass is on one side of the plate glass sinter inorganic pigments, and after heat treatment made of an opaque colored glass. Depending on the color, can produce different color effects glazed glass. A single color can be used for doors and windows, colorful glazed glass (also known as glass or marble granite glass) can be used for interior and exterior wall or floor.
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Engraving Glass: Early humans began using manual methods carve beautiful patterns on the glass, now using computer numerical control machining technology to automatically carved in various places with high-end decorative glass.
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Coated Glass: Since 1835 hand-silvered mirror method occurs after the 20th century, have invented a variety of physical (vacuum coating, sputtering, etc.), or physical chemistry (hydrolysis deposition, pyrolytic deposition, etc.) - chemical coating method, the sixties and seventies began industrialization, rapid development of the eighties and nineties, now can produce dozens of distinctive features of processed products. Such as silver, aluminum, silicon-coated mirror glass, heat-reflective film coated glass, low-emissivity coated glass. UV coated glass, anti-electromagnetic film coated glass, waterproof coated glass, light-induced substation, electrochromic glass light shades, automatic sterilization of glass, self-cleaning glass.