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The different needs of different glasses of wine drinking

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-01-21
   We taste the wines of the time, the use of what are some of the types of glass it? Disposable cups, ordinary cup or glass or plastic cups it? ThatChinese glass products supplierDiscussion and your red, white, sparkling and sweet wine cup which should be used.
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   A wine glass composition
Wine glassesGenerally made coasters, cups and cup belly posed terrier. Coasters are used to support the glass, the glass stem is that people used to hold wine glasses. Because wine is extremely sensitive to temperature, so holding a goblet of "feet" to avoid temperature affects the wine temperature, thereby affecting the taste of the wine. Belly is used to hold the cup of wine, cup belly is generally greater, so that both will not be easy to shake cup wine spill out, but because the shake cup of wine and help release the aroma.
   Second, the size of the wine glass
Wine tasting, when we will see different types of glass, these glasses are different because we want to tasting the different types of wine used. Typically, a good part of your wine tasting glass, with it's wonderful to be able to taste the wine vividly demonstrated. In general, red and white wine glass belly was relatively large, but not so easy to shake the cup wine spill.
Red wine glasses are more rounded belly cup, the cup is relatively wide, this will help us more keen sense of the ever-changing wine bouquet. About red wine, you must know the wine Burgundy and Bordeaux glass cup. Burgundy glass sphere belly shape, just to guide the wine from the diffuse into the tip of the tongue, to achieve full contact with the blend of fruity and sour; inward narrowing cup red wine can better cohesion potential bouquet. This cup-shaped for medium bodied, light taste of wine, such as Pinot Noir. Bordeaux Cup high, relatively small cup belly. Suitable bodied taste emphasis of red wine, such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot.
Cup white wine glass belly mostly u type, vertical. Such a cup-shaped conducive to the release of the aroma of the wine, but also can effectively maintain the temperature of white wine has been frozen. Meanwhile, on white wine, you also need to know the two types of white wine cup.
One is for a young wine, taste crisp white wine, the other is for the mature wine, full-bodied white wine.
Sparkling wine upright, and its prominent feature is the cup slender body, can give rise bubble set aside enough space.
Sweet wine is ideal for the little cup, because the sweet wine has a relatively high alcohol content, so you should use a slightly smaller glasses, so you can drink less wine.
   Three wine glasses material
When we choose to select those glass material, clear, bright glass, so you can better observe the color of the wine. For the wine selection is best to choose the kind of thin crystal cup or glass. If the glass is too thick, it is difficult to taste the wines of the original taste.