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Note the difference between heat-resistant glass

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-01-19
Heated in a microwave glass tableware hidden risk of bursting. Applicable in the purchase of microwave heatingGlasswareWhen you can see the material is not marked on the specification, if clearly marked borosilicate glass or glass-ceramic, aluminum silicate glass is heated in a microwave are applicablePyrex. If the mark is a soda-lime glass, it may be tempered soda-lime glass.
Easy to clean due to the advantages of clean, heat-resistant glass tableware, cookware has been more and more consumers, many consumers often serve food and the use of such containers for microwave heating. Experts in this regard that the current lack of standardized production of heat-resistant glassware, the presence of a normal phenomenon pyrex glass posing on the market, and glass containers are not suitable for the microwave, the hidden risk of bursting.
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Heat-resistant glasswareNote the use of five
Use heat-resistant glass tableware cookware should note the following five points: to avoid using cold water when pouring. (Ultra heat-resistant glassware, except that microcrystalline glassware)
Avoid heating air heat glassware. (Superalloys except glassware)
When washing, avoid using abrasive grit added, metal brush and detergent.
Part superalloys glassware available on an open flame when heated to high temperatures during use, easy to spill water, do not put your face close to avoid burns.
When using ultra-resistant glassware, the equipment at the center, using a weak fire heating.