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Glass jar in the world.

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-01-16
   According toChinese glass products supplierAccording to the market learned that nearly two years, the micro-ecology bottle quietly pop scene. Micro scene ecology bottles are put on the unique look of the plantBolipingguanIn manufacturing ingenuity scene, plus can diy, so each segment were like those of age. As a novelty, the micro-ecology bottle in sightBottlesWhat does?
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  It is learned that this scene is a combination of micro similar mosses, ferns, succulents and other plants and nurturing environment for the growth of soil from the deployment of the fence, gravel, beloved dolls, animal models, put into a glass bottle constituting witty scenes, is a new desktop pot.
It is understood that the micro-ecology bottle scene despite the small size, but the offer does not come cheap, according to the aquarium size and deployment of information is not the same, quotes from tens of dollars to several hundred dollars.
   Micro scene eco bottle routine maintenance instructions
  Lighting: moss need indoor nurseries scattered light, not direct midday sun, the sun can occasionally look at the early morning or evening sun, which can play a sterilizing effect.
  Sprinklers: moss is a direct foliar absorption of water by plants, each with a watering can watering evenly wet the foliage to the bottom of a large number of long-term ecological water bottles should not, in principle, for the moss spray sprinkler appearance, pouring plant roots.
  Temperature: moss are able to survive at any temperature, but preferably at a temperature suitable moss growing between 5 ℃ -28 ℃, humidity around 80%.
  Soil: Although the micro picture of moss on the soil is not required, but is still advocate the use of cultivating the soil, because the soil is not easy to mold.