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Baby drinking glass with the best

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-01-10
   Many parents in the purchase of a childCupsMost time-division look at the cup capacity, appearance and price, little attention cup material. In fact, some of the material due to good cup, despite the appearance looks good, colorful and more attractive to parents or the baby's attention, but it will adversely affect the baby's health. For example, some plastic cups at a high temperature environment will onset of differentiation, differentiation in these days we usually inside very slim, but they did exist. Plastic differentiation toxic substances mainly dioxins and bisphenol A, these two substances in the body without being absorbed and will settle in the human body, to a certain extent the cumulative adverse effects on the human body will attack. Therefore, the child is related to a healthy baby cups, mothers who want to grasp the purchase tips.
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 Child care cups wrong poisoning
Generally speaking, cups need to buy children from seven points to proceed: 1, material; 2, for age; 3, style; 4 scale; 5, the handle; 6, leakproof; 7, sterilization.
  GlassMost health
  In all materials cup, glass is the most healthy.
  The pros and cons: In all materials cup, glass is the most healthy. In the process of firing the glass does not contain organic chemicals, when we drink water or other drinks with a glass of midnight, no worries chemicals go into the stomach would be drinking. And the glass surface lubrication, simple cleaning, bacteria and grime is not simple in Beibi breeding, so to treasure with a glass water is the healthiest, safest.
Defects: fragile glass biggest flaw is that if the baby hand instability, very briefly broke. And thermal conductivity of the glass material is strong, since the user does not accidentally burn to one, assuming that the water temperature is too high, it may cause the glass to burst, the need to avoid hot costumes.
  Mommy's advocate for:
  The selection of the best grip glass. And the cup itself is not too high, easy to pick up the baby. Bought new glasses look boiled with salt, one can decontamination, salt boiled over another glass non-friable.
  I used to drink a glass, that water is very pure, no smell. Baby grew up, drink from a cup at home which is good? Said glass, and can be a big glass briefly broken, hurt the baby, how to do? I remember lying in the home "Sunny"Production ofDouble high boron CupDouble double its design can well prevent burns hand, the size of the hand just right. Erupted baby, drink plenty of water will be very convenient, so you can pick your own drink.