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Also requires a different beer glasses

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-01-09
  We all know that different types of wine need to match different type of cupRed wineDrinking. In fact, the beer is no exception. TodayChinese glass products supplierTook several characteristics you knowBeer CupWeekend wine Bureau will be able to come in handy, waiting for the eyes to admire the beauty you cast.
1 pint glass
china glassware suppliers
Pint glass (The Pint) should be the most famous, the most popular beer mug, because it is suitable for a variety of beer drinking, such as the UK beer, ale and stout and so on. Its nominal capacity of 450 ml, increase the capacity of 560 ml cup.
2, Pilsen Cup
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See the name to know is to drink Pilsner beer (Pilsner) cup, but this looks like a long horn cup (340 ml capacity) can also be used to drink another beer, wine, especially the head of foam more beer.
4, mug
china champagne glass supplier
Mug (Mug / Stein) is large and thick Beibi, commonly used in the Munich Oktoberfest celebration a class, suitable for drinking English beer, March holiday beer.
5, goblets
china champagne stem glassware
Goblet (Goblet) is a good partner of Belgian beer, it's bottom of the cup to form a so-called "carbon nucleation point", in order to allow the wine carbonation stably, thereby maintaining the wine bubble head. It seems goblet design also incorporates some scientific basis for it, well, like this one!
6, tulip cups
china drinking glass tumbler suppliers
Tulip Cup (Tulip) is designed primarily to maintain the fullness of the wine bubble head with a beer flavor, it is suitable for drinking beer Belgian beer and Scotland.
7, narrow cup
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Narrow cup (Snifter) smaller, mainly used to drink spirits, such as Cognac or brandy. But, like the emperor beer (Imperial Stout) such high alcohol beer is also suitable for narrow cup to drink.