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What a good cup of tea?

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2015-01-05
   With China's reform and opening up more and more people understand the Chinese tea culture, then what are the benefits of tea and tea and what is the best? Tea contains many trace elements beneficial to humans, but what kind of tea tea is the best?
    Best looking glass tea
   In the daily tea in fact toGlass cupThe most common, used it to make tea, tea color, pretty tea and tea brewing process move ups and downs, have a panoramic view. For example when the bubble rain Biluochun tea or green tea, these delicate famous tea, tasting the most value, home hospitality, after all, a good tea utensils. But glass cup crisp, easily broken, than the ceramic hot, a little fly in the ointment. AndShenzhen Sunny GlasswareIts productionHigh boron glass cupA good solution to their problem. Unique design to keep the double-clear glass of hot and they will not fly in the ointment.
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    Teapot tea varieties can not string
    For teapot, purple ceramic resistance to fire, put warm winter fire tea pot is not easy to burst. Su then make tea pot with a bucket of Yixing pottery, the "pines bamboo stove, put the pot with the call," the poem, it is no accident. This is the ancient and modern people who pay attention to tea with the Teapot favorite reason.
    And for the people, tea, teapot tea varieties can not train because sandy teapot larger pores, which can absorb the tea, use a period of time will have "tea stain" accretion, so empty pot into boiling water There are also tea. However, if the string variety, and there will savor. Because of this tea is easy to stay flavor, so when open blisters hot tea available in two or three times, then tossed away the cold water, and then before tea flavor intact.
    The most common porcelain tea tea
   Compared to the larger gap Teapot prone "tea rust" is different, no water absorption porcelain tea set, clear sound and rhyme long, it can often be seen with a porcelain tea tea tea house more, its advantage is not easy to odor, bulbs of different varieties of tea is more convenient.
    In these, porcelain white as expensive, is about 1300 ℃ firing, can reflect the color of tea, heat transfer, thermal insulation moderate, does not react chemically tea, tea can get better color, flavor and shape delicate and beautiful, suitable for making light fermentation, heavy aroma of tea, such as Pouchong.
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