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Use a glass of water to clean glassware six benefits

  • Author:Clarence
  • Release Date:2014-07-03
无标题文档 Glassware feel poor transparency, this time sprays glass of water, we can give you a "clear and bright" feeling when; 6 big advantage glass of water. Particularly glass ornaments, glass dust will scatter light, this time you need Penpen glass of water, so that a transparent glass in the best condition. , The main benefits of using a glass of water has the following six:

     1, the cleaning properties: the presence of the surfactant, by wetting, penetration, solubilization effect, to the purpose of decontamination. This cleaning effect is much better than the water-cleaning effect.
     2, antifreeze: As with ethanol, the presence of ethylene glycol, can significantly lower the freezing point of the solution, and thus play a role in antifreeze, can quickly dissolve frost.
     3, anti-fog: the fog on the glass, the glass surface adsorption frost are in the air caused by water. After washing with water, the glass, the glass surface will form a monomolecular layer of the protective layer, the main component is a surfactant. This can eliminate the protective film around the nature of the adsorption points inconsistent, preventing the formation of droplets, even if a droplet is formed, the surfactant is able to spread into water film drops or creams and then uniformly dissolved water film paved improve transparency, to ensure clear vision.
     4, anti-static: the person in contact with the glass in hand on the glass contact friction will produce a charge, and the charge will absorb dirt, affecting vision. And the protective layer and the surface active agent may be charged, or to enhance the role of the conductive surface of the glass, the glass surface charge is eliminated, preventing adsorption.
     5, lubrication: water glass containing ethylene glycol, the larger the viscosity, a lubricant may be friction between the glass and the other objects to prevent scratches.
     6 Security: glass water free of various metal ions, paint, rubber, and a variety of metal without any corrosion, absolute security.