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French red wine culture --- Best match of wine glass, wine and food

  • Author:Amy wu
  • Release Date:2014-06-27

  France's wine culture is developed accompanied by the growth of the history and civilization of France. French wine culture has penetrated into every aspect of people's religion, politics, culture, art and life, and the lives of people are closely related. As the world's political, economic and cultural power, the French wine culture also affects the lifestyle and culture of the world's taste.

  And the choice of correct drinking wine culture, cannot ignore the details.

1 The choice of red wine glass

  In addition to the shape of the bottles in different colors, materials and textures wine tasting will also affect people's taste. Ideal wine must be smooth and transparent, people can enjoy the wine color. Smooth and delicate texture to give the lips a comfortable touch.

2 wine choices

  "Plump, thick, fragrant", "exudes the fragrance of melted tannins and delicate fragrance of the cacao tree," "like a pine tree in the forest jumping smooth", "transparent like a fisherman warm tears," these full of emotion color language expresses the feelings of people who love wine on the wine. In France there is a special tasting of art schools and professional research. They believe that if put before the drink did not appreciate the color and aroma of wine is going to give up drinking basic enjoyment. Furthermore, drinking is also a step: Before Naqijiubei must stop talking. Before tasting, lift up the glass, watching with eyes full of wine, clear, bright color, gently shaking the glass, let the wine escapes open; then nose sniff, then start tasting.

3, food and wine

  Food and wine matching is also a science, in the process, some attention to harmony and unity, it was also emphasized that contrast. For lack of food and wine pairing knowledge of the people, the wine and local food paired with generally the same area can not go wrong. Of course, personal preference is the key, a new attempt often make people enjoy the innovative sense of accomplishment. Low levels of red wine is often used adorned with fish, cheese and wine had most balanced mix of desserts (unless it is semi-dry) with champagne if they will be considered fatal mix, but Alsace wine (Muscat) and asparagus but was deemed fit together is a perfect match!