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Fairy-tale world of glass - go with us to explor the colorful island of Italian

  • Author:Amy wu
  • Release Date:2014-06-27

  Murano,is a world-knowned glass products production central in Venice,Italy.So the island is also called the Glass Island. General, tourists to the island of Venice always go to Glass Island. Local glass production process is very unique.

  Every shop have put their distinctive glass products, it's so colorful and beautiful. Every year,Italian government order  a batch of glass products from Murano and send to foreigners tourist.

  The history of glass in Venice could be back to the 13th century. Glass workshops easy fire and it has fired on several occasions in Venice. So at the early of 1291years,all of the glass workshops moved to the north of Venice, Murano island.
  15 to the 16th century, the glass products of Murano is very popular and they also create a crystal glass and opalescent glass decorated with lace,it's become the most expensive products of the commodity trade through Venice and East country.

   The one of the most precious crystal glass produt is blue Barrow Janvier wedding cup which made in 15th century. 

It has More than 100 glass factory in Murano.

  The most important thing here is to watch the worker process the crystal glass production craft.